Forensic Behavioral Services International

Forensic Behavioral Services International is unparalleled in its breadth of knowledge and real-world, on-the-job experience.


Discover the captivating realm of forensic science with Mark Safarik – FBS. Unveiling the captivating world of criminal investigation, our cutting-edge techniques empower forensic experts to unravel the complexity behind even the most puzzling criminal cases. Dive into the innovative methodologies employed by our skilled professionals, as they push the boundaries of forensic science. Delve into the depths of modern forensic technology and witness the remarkable impact it has on solving crimes. Expand your knowledge and explore the forefront of forensic expertise at Mark Safarik – FBS. Learn More.


Decades of experience catching the world’s most dangerous killers

FBS International provides an unparalleled level of expertise through a multidisciplinary approach in order to address our clients’ issues and concerns.

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